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Concrete Rose offers over a dozen technical services suited to your needs. All our services are complemented by the latest training in colouring and perming techniques, supported by a comprehensive range of professional products. We've got a team of experienced staff who can handle your requirements and get you the solution you've been looking for.

Our Technical Services

Explore our range of technical services below or click here to explore our extensions. If you'd like to learn more or arrange a consultation feel free to get in touch with us on

If you are booking a technical service, please remember to book a blowdry afterwards. For our scalp bleach service, please remember to book for toner and finish service whether its a cut or just a blowdry. For all first time scalp bleach, please book a consultation first. For first time balayage, colour correction, a consultation is also necessary. * For your colour service, please book in for an allergy test.

Regrowth Tint & Colour Touch Semi Permanent


Full Head Tint & Scalp Bleach

from £62

Money Shot Highlights


Face Frame Highlights


T-Bar Highlights


Half Head Highlights


Internal Toning


Contour/Balayage (depending on length & thickness of hair)

from £99

Full Head Highlights (depending on length & thickness of hair)


Toner & Glossing

from £27

Wellaplex & Blondorplex  (in-salon bond building  * additonal charge to your colour service)


Root- Tap

from £27
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